World-class security in a premium location

With burglary on the rise, leaving your valuables at home is no longer a viable option. Fortis Vaults is a cost-effective solution. At Fortis, we provide secure, professional and private safety deposit boxes conveniently located in Melbourne’s CBD. Store your valuables with confidence at Fortis Vaults.

Uncompromised privacy

Your personal valuables deserve to be kept personal. That’s why we provide you with a premium private viewing suite. So you can access your valuables in a discreet and confidential environment.

Professional service

With experienced, highly-trained staff, rest assured that you’ll be treated with first class service every time you visit Fortis Vaults. Plus, our secure online booking system allows you to access your safety deposit box with ease.


Our facility is overseen 24/7 by licensed industry professionals, ensuring optimum security.

We require registered clients to pass a multi-challenge personal identification check, including facial recognition and biometric hand scanning. Clients are then escorted to the vault by our professional staff. These high security measures mean you can have complete confidence in the privacy and security of your valuables.