Jewellery Safe Storage

Jewellery Safe Storage

Keeping your precious jewellery safe in Australia is a constant concern. Imagine the peace of mind of knowing your cherished heirlooms and sparkling gems are protected from burglary, fire, and unforeseen events.

Unmatched Security & Unwavering Trust

Fortis Vault, Melbourne’s leading high-security storage facility, offers unparalleled safety for your treasured jewellery with our state-of-the-art deposit box solutions.



Fortis Vault’s safety deposit boxes provide the ultimate peace of mind for your treasured jewellery. Here’s how:

  • Unmatched Security: Our deposit boxes are housed within a bank-grade vault, protected by advanced security measures, including 24/7 surveillance, alarm systems, and restricted access protocols.
  • Variety of Secure Sizes: We offer a range of deposit box sizes to perfectly accommodate your jewellery collection, from delicate earrings to precious necklaces and larger family heirlooms.
  • Privacy & Discretion: Only you and your authorised designees can access your deposit box. The contents remain completely confidential.
  • Convenient Access: Access your safety deposit box during our extended business hours for added convenience, ensuring your valuables are readily available when needed.



At Fortis Vaults, security is paramount. We are committed to providing an impenetrable environment for your valuables. Here’s why:

  • Unwavering Staff Training: Our highly trained personnel undergo rigorous security protocols and background checks.
  • Advanced Security Technology: We utilise the latest advancements in access control, surveillance, and vault construction to deter and prevent any unauthorised access.
  • 24/7 Monitoring: Our facilities are under constant vigilance, ensuring your valuables are protected around the clock.

We also offer our secure storage service for gold bullion documents, coins and banknotes jewellery and other valuables.



Trust matters most when it comes to the security of your precious possessions. Here’s why Fortis Vault stands out as the premier choice for jewellery safe storage in Melbourne:

  • Advanced Security: Our state-of-the-art systems safeguard your valuables.
  • Expert Staff: Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to exceptional customer service.
  • Flexible Access: Enjoy convenient access during operating hours with dual authorisation for added security.
  • Safeguards for Your Valuables: Completely guarantee that your irreplaceable jewellery is secure within our high-grade vault facility.



While a home safe might seem like a convenient option, it often presents significant security risks:

  • Limited Protection: Home safes are often susceptible to break-ins 
  • Vulnerability: Thieves may target homes, knowing they might contain valuables.
  • False Sense of Security: A compromised home safe can lead to a devastating loss.


Booking a safety deposit box at Fortis Vaults is a simple process:

  1. Find Fortis Vaults: Our location is deliberately chosen in a secure building, yet  easily accessible. 
  2. Select a storage size: A select range is available, so you can choose the one that suits your needs. Browse our selection of safety deposit box sizes online or visit us in person to discuss the requirements with a member of our friendly team.
  3. Automated payment: We also offer a convenient auto-pay system to avoid late fees and ensure uninterrupted access to your valuables.


We invite you to contact Fortis Vaults today to learn more about our secure jewellery storage solutions. Schedule a visit to our facility and experience the peace of mind that comes with unmatched security.


What security features does Fortis Vaults offer for storing high-value jewellery in safety deposit boxes?

Fortis Vaults utilises a multi-layered approach to security, including:

High-definition surveillance: Our facilities are monitored by state-of-the-art camera systems with recording capabilities.

Are there any restrictions on the types or quantities of jewellery that can be stored in Fortis Vaults’ safety deposit boxes?

Other than prohibited items, all jewellery items can be stored at Fortis Vaults.. Please see our rental agreement or contact our customer service team for a comprehensive list of acceptable and prohibited items. We can also advise you on proper jewellery storage practices within your safety deposit box.

Can clients access their jewellery stored in Fortis Vaults’ safety deposit boxes at any time?

Fortis Vaults offers extended business hours to ensure convenient access to your valuables.. In addition to our standard operating hours, we are open on the first and third Saturday of every month. Bookings are essential.

Does Fortis Vaults provide insurance coverage for jewellery stored in their safety deposit boxes?

Fortis Vaults offers a third-party basic insurance coverage for the contents of your safety deposit box. The specific coverage limits are outlined in the rental agreement. We highly recommend acquiring additional jewellery insurance to ensure your valuables are fully protected based on their appraised value. Our professional team can help you in understanding your insurance options.

Does Fortis Vaults ensure discretion and confidentiality for clients storing jewellery in safety deposit boxes?

At Fortis Vaults, we prioritise client privacy. We maintain strict confidentiality regarding the contents of your safety deposit box. Your personal information and the details of your stored valuables are never shared without your explicit consent.

Does Fortis Vaults offer additional services for clients storing jewellery, such as appraisal, cleaning, or maintenance?

While Fortis Vaults does not directly offer jewellery appraisal, cleaning, or maintenance services, we can provide you with a network of trusted professionals who specialise in these areas. We understand the importance of caring for your precious possessions and can connect you with reputable service providers.