When are you open?

Our operating hours are 9.00am–5.00pm, Monday to Friday and the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month between 10am–2pm. To access your box, you’ll need to call or register online, as the number of clients allowed in the vault at one time are strictly limited.

Can I access my safety deposit box outside of operating hours?

No. Our vaults are fitted with time locks, meaning after-hours access is not available.

Who can access my safety deposit box?

Access can only be granted to registered persons who have been authorised by the account holder.

Can Fortis Vaults access my safety deposit box?

Absolutely not! The key issued to you are registered individually, none of these keys can be copied. Fortis Vaults has no master keys to any of the deposit boxes, therefore only you and your authorised agent have access.

How secure are your vaults?

Fortis Vaults has invested significantly in sophisticated electronic and physical security measures to ensure the highest level of security for your valuables.

Do you keep duplicates of my keys on hand?

No. You will be issued two keys that are unique to your box. Under no circumstances will we offer to keep your keys, or duplicates of your keys, on site. This provides you with total security for your valuables.

What happens if I lose my keys?

Should you lose your keys, you will need to arrange an appointment with our locksmith. Your safety deposit box will be drilled in your presence only. There will be a cost for this action.

What can I store in my safety deposit box?

Your safety deposit box is designed to store anything of importance to you. This could include passports, titles, wills, insurance documents, photos, jewellery, memorabilia, heirlooms, letters, bullion, money, personal items, hard drives, or anything else of value. You cannot store perishables, firearms, liquids or drugs.

What happens if I die?

In the event of a Licensee’s death, we are under no obligation to allow access to the safe deposit box until the following documents are provided for assessment.

  •  A certified copy of the Death Certificate.
  •  A certified copy of the Will.
  •  A valid Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration.
  •  Photo ID and Proof of Address for all Executors and/or Administrators.

Please Note: Assessment of Deceased Estates may take up to 72 hours.